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Today CheerFreqs, one of the top cheerleading music producers in the world, has been gracious enough to give us some of his time. CheerFreqs has created original cheer and dance music worldwide, boasting 2 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, 3 Bronze Medals at the 2022 Cheerleading Worlds. His success extended to the 2022 Summit with 9 Gold Medals, 4 Silver Medals, and 3 Bronze Medals, a pattern only extended at the D2 Summit where teams using CheerFreqs mixes won 1 Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medals, and 1 Bronze Medal. His main mission, and what sets his music apart from many other cheer music producers out there, is to create drama, building crescendo’s and unique moments in every mix. His fastidious attention to detail and time commitment to his craft allows him to create a partnership with his clients, embrace their story, and use his own powerful music creations to augment what the choreographer and coach are trying to achieve. If you crave intense, hard-hitting, hyper-confident tracks – CheerFreqs is your first choice.


How long have you been producing music?

 I have been in the cheer music industry since the late 90s. I started with Cool Edit and then Acid 1.0. It is amazing to see how the industry and the music editing tools have transformed in the last two decades. It is hard to believe I have been doing this for almost 25 years. It can be hard work, but I love it.


What do you think is the key to making an epic cheer track?

 Moments, you need to create moments during the routine. There must be something stuck in your head after hearing it for the first time. Developing those moments takes creativity, a clear idea of what both the music and the choreography need. Luckily, I have a fantastic team working with me to create those heart-stopping moments for all my clients.


How do you create so many memorable mixes each year?

 Open and clear communication is absolutely fundamental. I try to communicate with the client as early as possible.  I also try to do alot of songwriting and recording year-round so that I can have lots of choices once the peak season arrives. In addition, having a video of the routine is key, so that I am able to see where to create the moments. Sheets alone give such a small picture of what is going on. Lastly, I try to surround myself with a great group of writers and artists. My team is mostly out of the Miami area and all have different backgrounds musically. I depend on them to create my ideas so that sonically each section of the mix creates the drama I need it to.


Do you produce music outside of cheerleading?

 I have enjoyed great success with cheerleading music, but it is a double-edged sword: I am so swamped with content creation for my mixes that I do not have any time for anything else. My family is my number one priority so all my free time is spent with them outside of mixing.


What do you think lies in the future for cheerleading music?

 Developing new and innovative content can be challenging. With the new changes to the score sheets, I would say creativity is key. I foresee the dance section being more important in the mix as well. I have reached out to several coaches and choreographers already and they are all saying dances are back. I am excited to see the dance and the cheer mix behind it taking the center stage.


What have you been listening to, recently?

 Right now I am listening to Phonk Killer, Swoop, and Apashe. Developing an ear for what is happening in global music helps me stay on the cutting edge of what is happening around the world and gives me a unique perspective on cheer music.


Are you affiliated with any other music production projects?

 Cheerleading music is a year-long cycle for me. I am open to other collaborations down the road, but for now, I am dedicated to cheer music only.


What advice do you have for programs looking to push the envelope with their music?

 Be authentic! Make sure to match the energy of the team. Try to include the kids in the pre-production ideas as much as possible. They have so many great ideas and I find when they have ownership in the final product they perform better to it.


Thank you so much to Cheer Freqs for sitting down with us at and talking about cheer music trends for 2022. You can see some of Cheer Freqs’ innovative cheer tracks with teams like this cheer mix from Southern Cross Cheer: Lady Reign.