Take Summer Practice to a New Level with Epic Cheer Music

It is summer camp time, and what better way to take your practices to a new level than some epic-sounding cheer music! There are many great ways to use music to motivate you during practices in the summer. You’re working hard on those new elite skills with your squad at your school or gym. Try adding some music that will add to the energy level of your team.

Top Gun TLGC

Think about some of the best cheerleading music from last year. Look at the world championship teams like TGLC from top gun. Their music is a high-energy mix that will bring the fight to your team. The pugnacious track will help your team battle to the top this summer! Try to capture some of that energy yourself by using their high-energy mix. You can find it here:


Woodlands Elite Generals

Keep that energy going by using some of the high-energy mixes from teams like Woodlands Elite too. This daring mix will help your squad wage war against the summer doldrums! Listen to their amazing cheerleading music from the 2022 season here:


The New Level Music 8-Count Mega Mix

Their high-energy mix can really add that extra ounce to your practice. In addition to using All-Star music, don’t forget that new level music has released its latest eight-count mix. Some of the top music producers in the country have contributed to creating this epic 8-count track. Playing that music while practicing makes it easier for you and your coaches not to have to count it out.



Finally, don’t be afraid to use some hot mixes on CheerleadingMix.com. These high-energy mixes can really help energize your team and help you guys stay motivated through those tough times especially when those stunts aren’t hitting, or you can’t quite stick your tumbling.

The easy-to-use interface at CheerleadingMix.com can do more than pump up the jams for your summer practices: you can also select the perfect 45-second dance track or find the ideal cheerleading music mix to use for your routine for the 2022-2023 season! The same music producers who created the amazing sounds for TLGC and Woodlands Elite collaborated to create the high-intensity, dynamic cheer mixes at CheerleadingMix – all designed to be personalized with your own custom voice-overs at a fraction of the cost of custom music. If you are looking for a pocketbook-friendly option, consider the inexpensive cheer music at CheerleadingMix.com and make this season the best ever!