With impressive tracks assembled by some of the most talented producers in the country, CheerleadingMix.com offers an affordable solution to your cheerleading music needs. Some of the country’s top cheer mix music producers have contributed to Cheerleading Mix’s vast library of epic cheer music. These are the same producers creating the heart-pounding beats and insane rhythms you hear from the top-placing teams at the World Cheerleading Championships or the Cheerleading Summit.

Just because your program doesn’t have the budget for the most premier custom music in the industry does not mean you have to suffer from sub-par music. Instead, use the digital editing opportunities on the CheerleadingMix.com website. The quality of the music you can find there and the effortless editing possibilities, combined with the option to add unique voice-overs, means that you can have some of the most best cheerleading mixes in the country available in a few clicks and at a fraction of the price!

Check out some of the featured tracks on Cheerleading Mix to see how these dazzling tracks can bring your routine to life!

Light ‘Em Up
Are you looking for some hot cheerleading music? Look no further than “Light ‘Em Up.” These lit lyrics and this burning track will ignite excitement. The smooth melodies in the stunt and pyramid offset the blazing hits and fiery lyrics at the beginning and end of this epic cheer track. Set your routine ablaze with this magnificent cheer mix!

Girl Power
I am woman – hear me roar! This slick cheer mix shows all the assertiveness and assurance of the fiercest cheerleading competitors. Crush the bastions of male domination and let the girls take over when you blast this empowering and energetic music. Use Girl Power as your squad’s theme to help bring self-confidence to your athletes, embracing the high-energy composition with its tight beats and soaring melodies.

Put up your dukes for this rocking cheer mix. “Battle” brings the aggression with its high beat-per-minute pace and fresh take on hard rock and electro. Every season sees its fair share of struggle, but you can succeed in every clash with the intense and driving beats that propel this outstanding track to conquer the fray and win the day. Let your team know that they can confront every encounter head-on with the pulsing rhythms and in-your-face lyrics.

Winning Tradition
Be the conqueror, and come back triumphant after every performance with “Winning Tradition,” a simply stunning electro-dance mix. This top-scoring cheerleading mix is an engaging track filled with victorious beats and powerful harmonies. The same producers that created the bombastic tracks that won most of the divisions at the Cheerleading World Championships collaborated to extend their tradition of success. This monumental cheer mix lets you vanquish the competition and celebrates the tradition of winning established at Worlds!

No matter your taste or the scale, CheerleadingMix.com has a heroic cheerleading track that will help elevate your team to new heights, regardless of your budget. While these four featured tracks are astounding, there are hundreds of cheerleading mix options on the easy-to-use platform. Browse the vast library of awesome cheer tracks and find the perfect soundtrack to your squad’s performance!