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Simone Smith has spent her whole life performing for crowds. She is among the vanguard for high school competitive cheerleading in the state of Georgia. Her squad at Hardaway High [...]

Which Comes First: Music or Choreography? It's time to start thinking about cheerleading music again. You have been working this summer on new stunts, you've put time in the gym [...]

Teighlyr from Royal Custom Music has been creating some of the most pioneering cheerleading mixes of the last decade. As one of cheer’s biggest personalities, his creative process has culminated [...]

Take Summer Practice to a New Level with Epic Cheer Music It is summer camp time, and what better way to take your practices to a new level than some [...] is committed to bringing you some of the hottest cheer songs from the most elite cheer music producers in the country. Content creators like CheerMusicPro and CheerFreqs have been [...]

With impressive tracks assembled by some of the most talented producers in the country, offers an affordable solution to your cheerleading music needs. Some of the country's top cheer [...]

When you think about custom cheerleading music, one of the first names that comes to mind is music producer Patrick Avard - aka CheerMusicPro - whose work has been a [...]

Summer has arrived! The sun is shining, school is closed, and the pool is calling. You and your squad are probably taking some well-deserved time to rest and relax. Perhaps [...]

It is that time of year again! As summer rolls around many athletes are taking some much-needed time off for rest and relaxation. But not cheerleaders. Summer for cheerleading means [...]