When you think about custom cheerleading music, one of the first names that comes to mind is music producer Patrick Avard – aka CheerMusicPro – whose work has been a pioneering voice of all-star cheerleading for over two decades. The award-winning producer has created some of the most memorable cheerleading music the industry has ever witnessed. His body of work over those decades is vast and expansive, but his success at this year’s Cheerleading World Championships illustrates not only his popularity, but the quality of his work. Patrick personally produced cheer mixes for 15 of the 29 USASF World Champions. He was kind enough to sit down for an interview to talk about his success and his vision for the future of cheerleading music.


How long have you been producing music?

 It’s hard to believe, but this will be my 23rd season as a producer.

What was one of your favorite mixes this year?

It’s very difficult to choose one because I really love them all. But if I have to pick just one, it would be Top Gun TGLC. I really love all the details that went into the theme and feel like Victor and his staff do such an amazing job at molding the skills, the choreography, and the music together as one amazing work of art.

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What do you think is the key to making an epic cheer track?

There are several key components but I would probably say I put my focus on two:

  1. The music has to have an impact. It has to drive and hit hard, and it has to influence the fans, athletes, and coaches, as well as inspire great performances.
  2. The lyrics have to be memorable. Whether you like the team or not, I want you to be talking about what their music says.

How do you create so many memorable mixes each year?

That’s a great question. I think when I first started, it was really difficult to do all these elite teams’ mixes back to back, but as I have developed my team and my process over the years, it’s gotten easier. I have a very talented team so I know I don’t have to do it all myself. If we work hard to develop amazing ideas, then putting it together becomes easier. To me, the best production comes from amazing pre-production. That is the secret.

Do you produce music outside of cheerleading?

Absolutely. I love the opportunities I have to produce music outside of cheer. Many people don’t know, but I’ve written tracks that have been used on Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, Fox Sports, and many more. Right now, I am producing a rhythmic electro-pop album for the VIVE Label of Level 77 Music, and I can’t wait for people to hear it. It will be released in July if all goes well.

What do you think lies in the future for cheerleading music?

I think we are going to see a shift back to creativity being weighted more heavily. To me, things have become so skills and numbers driven that we’ve lost sight of the individuality of the teams. I see a subtle shift back to this already and believe that it will continue. At the end of the day, teams want their routines to be a unique reflection of their personality and the story they are trying to tell. They want it to represent where they are in the history of their team and program.

What have you been listening to, recently?

Right now I am jamming to Galantis & Becky Hill – Run, Armin Van Buuren – Human Touch, and NGHTMRE – Ring the Alarm

Are you affiliated with any other music production projects?

I am the founder and CEO of Level 77 Music, which is a production music library with a focus on creating music for sync licensing. Our music is used in film, television, broadcast, advertising, and commercials. We recently had one of our tracks in the trailer for season two of the Hulu series, The Great, and we just wrapped up a custom music project for Women of Wrestling (WOWE), which is scheduled for 52 weeks of television airtime and streaming on Showtime later this year.

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What advice do you have for programs looking to push the envelope with their music?

My advice is to go for quality and individuality where the budget allows you to. Choose a producer who communicates well and fits your program. Then make sure your producer knows and understands your team’s brand, style, and personality. If you are budget-sensitive, there are amazing options like CheerleadingMix.com that allow you to pick from quality tracks that were made by New Level Music producers who are the best in the world, in my opinion. Cheerleading Mix still allows you some limited customization options such as adding team names or phrases, custom raps, tempo changes, and custom lengths. You can be guaranteed your music will perform as well sonically as that of any of your favorite all-star teams.

Thank you to Patrick Avard, the CheerMusicPro himself, for sitting down and discussing so many facets of the cheerleading and music world. We cannot wait to hear his next project! Don’t forget, CheerMusicPro is one of the collaborators who produces music at CheerleadingMix.com – so even if your team does not have the budget for a custom mix from one of the very best music producers in the industry, you can still get a little of that CheerMusicPro magic from his mixes on CheerleadingMix.com at an affordable price.