There are a lot of cheerleading music choices out there, but not every option fits your unique needs. Perhaps you have a big budget, and can pay to have one of the best cheer mix producers in the country create a custom mix for you and your squad, carefully tailored to the specifics of your routine. However, most of us do not have the sort of budgets needed to hire someone to create a special track just for us. That does not mean you should give up on custom music, however. There are several other options besides the high-end cheer mixes you hear at the World Cheerleading Championships. You can create custom music at a much lower cost using the digital tools on the web platform.

Different Kinds of Custom Music

When individualized custom music is made, it is not uncommon for the routine to already be completed, then the coaches take a video recording of the squad doing the routine, and submit the video, along with completed 8 count sheets, to the music producer. This guarantees that the music is a perfect match for the routine. That kind of personalized service and fastidious care comes at a high price however. You can get a very similar product at one quarter of the price by using the cheer mix interface.

It Starts with Choreo

There are two ways to match a cheer routine with music. The less common method is to acquire the music first, then choreograph the routine to the pre-existing music. This method is not used very often because it has very little flexibility: the music is already fixed so any changes must be made on the choreography side. The more common way most people align their music and their routine is to complete all the choreography first, practicing to 8-counts, then have custom music made for that choreography. This is the more popular option because it allows you and your squad greater flexibility with the pace and order of the routine elements.

Creating 8-count Sheets

Once you have completed your choreography, you will still need to make 8-count sheets. These sheets help to document the stunts, tumbling, and pyramid movements throughout the routine. The 8-count sheet is critical to pairing your routine with any cheerleading mix, whether you use the most expensive producers in the country or a budget-friendly online option. Free downloadable 8-count sheets are available at to help you get started!

Practicing to 8-counts

When you are making your 8-count sheets, make sure that every detail is perfect. A mistake on an 8-count sheet means that the music will not perfectly align with the routine. Don’t be afraid to have your team run the routine multiple times to be certain there are no mistakes. Consider using an 8-count track to double-check your final draft of the sheets: there is a fantastic 8-count track available at for free.

Your Account

Now that you have your 8-count sheets, it is time to create an account on Once you have filled out the basic information, select the option to create your own custom cheer music using the online interface. First find a track that matches the energy and personality of your squad. offers over 200 customizable tracks and are constantly updating with new cheer mixes, so there is certain to be one which captures your unique style. Next select the length of the track you need. Tracks have three different lengths: 1:30, 2 minutes, and 2:30. Check to make sure the mix’s energy matches the choreography of your routine.

Adding Voice Overs

In addition to a massive, industry-leading library of high-energy cheerleading tracks, offers custom voice-overs to make the track uniquely your own. Think about including more than just your team name, mascot, or colors. Consider including details such as personal statements, or team goals. Adding those personal elements will give the track that custom music feel.

Just like that, you have a personalized cheerleading mix at one-tenth the cost of hiring a private music producer to create a custom track! Just remember to double check that the music you have selected matches the 8-count sheet, and then get ready to impress your squad with an epic cheerleading mix that will make this season truly special.