Industry News: CHEERSPORT 2022

The 2022 CHEERSPORT National All-Star Cheerleading Championships wrapped up on Sunday, February 20th in Atlanta, Georgia. CHEERSPORT is one of the largest cheerleading competitions in the country, allowing recreation and all-star cheer and dance teams from California to New England to compete on a teal, carpeted stage. While the 2021 competition saw significantly fewer participants, owing largely to the pandemic, over 55,000 competitors were registered to exhibit their skills for the 2022 championship.

The competition was hosted at the Georgia World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta, with the massive space packed with parents, families, coaches, and competitors all vying for bids to the World Cheerleading Championship and an opportunity to earn the vaunted CHEERSPORT champion jacket. While CHEERSPORT began as an independent competition, it was eventually purchased by Varsity Spirit Group, and now falls under the Varsity Brand. Competitors from all over the country were excited to get back to showing off their skills in front of a packed house, and the competitions ran from very early in the morning on Saturday until the final awards ceremony, which ended near midnight Sunday evening.


And The Winner Is…

While there were fantastic performances from every division, there were a few programs that really shined under the bright lights and intense scrutiny of this massive competition. The level 6 teams in all divisions exhibited some of the cleanest, most difficult skills of the year, and put up some of the highest scores of the two-day competition. Here were the highest scoring teams at


Small International Open Coed 6       Louisiana Cheer Force Gold              97.1292

International Open 6                           Cheer Extreme Lady Lux                   97.67

Large Junior Coed 6                           Cheer Extreme Raleigh SJX              97.7375

Medium Senior Coed 6                       Spirit of Texas Royalty                       98.0167

Large Senior 6                                    The Stingray Allstars Orange             98.1333

Large Senior Coed 6                          Top Gun Allstars TGLC                      98.2333


Did You Hear About Top Gun?

While all of the teams were amazing, few commanded the room with the same energy and enthusiasm as Top Gun All Stars TGLC. The massive chamber at the Georgia World Congress Center was packed to the rafters as cheerleaders from all over the country came to watch a team which has become the vanguard for innovation in the cheerleading industry. They did not disappoint. Before the first note the room was electric. TGLC looked lean and mean and ready to win with unique sleeveless uniforms. Their tumbling was on point, and their opening sequence of full-up and ball-ups hit perfectly. However, the real show stopper was the hand-to-hand snap downs in their elite sequence, and, of course, the pyramid.


With some of the most creative cheerleading music highlighting every innovative transition and skill, the routine helped further cement TGLC’s position as cheerleading’s tastemaker. Victor Rosario’s reputation as a trendsetter and one of the most influential minds in competition cheerleading was on full display with each tightly integrated twist and skill extending briefly through the three high ranges. You can see Top Gun’s CHEERSPORT performance here. If you want to know more about Top Gun’s music, and how they effortlessly incorporated musicality and theme into their skills you can see the music video release here.