Tips For Choosing Cheer Music

You and your team have put time, sweat, and a lot of work into creating the perfect cheerleading performance. However, no performance is complete without flawless cheer music. Having the best cheerleading music doesn’t just happen, it takes a lot of thought and consideration. Here are a few points to ponder from your friends at to help you find the perfect cheer mix that will really make your performance pop!

Think About the Purpose

Whether you are preparing to compete in a big arena with thousands of screaming fans, or are putting on a recreational league cheer dance for the parents, having music that fits the mood and purpose of your performance is key. Is your team going for intensity, or are you looking for a cute mix to show off that mini’s performance? The mastering of the music sounds different on the concrete floors of an arena than it does on the loudspeakers of a football field. Taking these sorts of variables into account when designing the perfect cheer mix will only improve the final product.

Know the Rules (or find someone that does)

There are a lot of rules around cheerleading music mixes. Some of the basics include knowing the time limits (if there are any) for your performance, but there are other things to consider as well. Remember: that song on Spotify that you just love was the creation of a music artist who worked hard to create it, and it is their property. Because of this, a lot of cheerleading venues have put some pretty strict rules in place to protect the intellectual property of these artists. If you are not familiar with the rules for your particular event, you can trust the cheer music professionals at to provide music which is legally licensed, customized for your needs, and aligns with the rules and regulations for most major cheerleading events.

Consider your Style

You and your squad have your own, unique style – you need a cheerleading mix that reflects the one-of-a-kind flair which you and your fellow athletes exhibit at every performance. Your team put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect cheerleading performance, it should have the perfect cheerleading mix. Are you a rocker? Does your team just love hip-hop? Is EDM the squad favorite? Getting the tone and attitude of your cheer music just right is every bit as important as the tone and attitude of your cheerleading performance.

Avoid the Same Old Songs

It is easy to just request the same songs that are hot on YouTube to be part of your cheerleading mix. Even without copyright issues (see #2 above!) you do not want to be at a competition or an exhibition and find out another team has the exact same songs! Having a unique, customized cheer mix does more than just save you the embarrassment of having the same music, it also highlights the hard work and originality that you and your team put into your routine.

Your team has worked too hard to just have some average, vanilla cheer mix taken from the current Top-40 hits. Having music that reflects your style and highlights your squad’s unique talents is what is really going to take your performance over the top!