Picking the Right Music :

Music for a recreational team can be challenging. Recreational cheerleading squads are teams which are normally organized around a program meant to support an athletic system for youth or middle school programs. As a result, there are a lot more structures in place to protect these student athletes from things like vulgarity or inappropriate moves. Taking this into account is an important part of designing appropriate music for recreational (rec) teams.


The Issue with Pop Music

A lot of modern-day pop songs may seem like obvious choices, but there are often inappropriate references in these songs that make them poor choices, despite their popularity. One place that you can go to find appropriate music is with a specialized pre-recorded cheerleading mix production company like CheerleadingMix.com. They have all the appropriate songs with appropriate lyrics for every age level.


Parental Considerations

When you are thinking about your rec team’s performance pieces, remember to think about the families in attendance. These family members are there to watch their athletes. The last thing you want as an organizer for a rec team is to have parents upset or offended by music. Choosing from one of the hundreds of pre-recorded tracks on Cheerleading Mix can take away that concern.


The Problem with “Clean” Remixes

Often the athletes themselves do not know all the words that are in a song and may not realize that something is inappropriate. The fact that they don’t know the words but want to sing does not remove the organizer from responsibility in the parents’ eyes. Finding the appropriate lyrics and even edited versions of pop songs can be problematic. Any edited or radio-friendly versions of the songs replace offensive words simply by silencing them or using alternate lyrics. Unfortunately, the athletes often know the real words and will say them out of habit regardless. So this alone is not enough.


Safe Music for Recreational Use

The best choice is to have music that doesn’t have any profanity in it in the first place. That’s where we, your friends at Cheerleading Mix, come into the rescue. Our vast library of age-appropriate music with an intuitive interface makes it the perfect choice for your rec performances.


Copyright Considerations

There are serious consequences to using copyrighted materials in a performance if you have not received permission from the artists. Most of the songs you hear on the radio are created by artists and writers. Those songs are their intellectual property, and using it without their express permission is a violation of U.S. copyright law. This could result in a lawsuit and even potential criminal charges. To avoid that try to use music that already has the licensing predetermined. All of the materials at Cheerleading Mix have been expressly designed for use in performance, and purchasing from us automatically guarantees that you will have all licensing necessary to keep your music legal.

So the next time you and your squad need the perfect mix for your rec team, consider us. Our pre-recorded and pre-licensed materials are not only family-friendly but are also created by some of the best cheerleading music producers in the country. All of the tracks at Cheerleading Mix were written and recorded by the amazing producers at New Level Music, the national leader in custom cheer music. The high-energy cheerleading music found there is designed to be used in performances like those for rec teams. The music is full of dynamic, intense beats, but always with appropriate lyrics for any audience.