Summer Camp Checklist

Ahh, summer time! School is out, and the days are filled with endless hours at the pool and summer jobs. For cheerleaders, however, summer means one other thing: it is time for cheerleading camp. Getting your team ready for the big camp experience is an important part of cheerleading summer planning. Here are a few things you can do to help your squad have the best camp experience ever!

Picking Your Camp

There are a lot of cheerleading camp options out there. Spend a little time thinking about what sort of camp experience you and your squad want to have this summer. Do you want a small, intimate private camp, or smaller multi-team camp where you can meet other teams in your area? Are you “in it to win it” and want to go to the biggest camp and compete against the best teams in your area? Does your squad want to earn a bid to go to a national cheerleading competition while at camp? Are you planning on attending a camp run by a private choreographer, a local gym, or a national cheerleading company? Asking your athletes about what their wishes and expectations are will help guide decisions about what sort of camp you will be attending.

Summer Practice Schedule

Vacations, summer work, and other scheduling issues can really complicate having productive practices during the summer. Getting the squad to agree on a practice schedule is really important to create the epic camp experience you all want. Establishing clear channels of communication will help you and your team get on the same page. A shared calendar, setting up a Remind channel, and agreeing on expectations will make sure that no one feels their valuable summer break is being wasted on poorly attended practices. No one wants to spend their summer at practices where there are a lot of athletes missing. Agreeing upon and communicating the practice schedule will help everyone on your team get the most out of summer practice.


No cheerleading camp is complete without an amazing playlist of cheer music to help keep you and your squad motivated through the long days of motions, jumps, tumbling and stunting. Having customized 8 count music for your performances will really set you apart from other teams if you are at one of the large camps. Having personalized cheer songs for your routines can make a huge difference! Consider visiting a cheer music site like to help you find the perfect cheer mixes for your camp performances. Then share your routines with the world via social media!

Pick Your Camp Clothes!

A big part of the camp experience is the clothes! Having your team show up on coordinated outfits helps show your team unity and present a polished, professional appearance. Look for cheerleading apparel retailers such as Rebel ( and Nfinity ( to see what the hottest trends in camp fashion are this year. All the latest styles are available in your school’s colors, and can be personalized with mascots, or even the names of your teammates. Small details like matching shoes and bags will show your team’s togetherness. Don’t forget about accessories, either! Getting the perfect bows and socks for your squad will really make your camp performances pop!

Your experiences at your summer cheerleading camp will help set the tone for the entire year. Coming to camp prepared, geared, and ready to cheer will really make the entire experience more fun for you and your squad. Having great practices, the latest spirit apparel, and the best cheer music can make you feel confident and poised for the hard work and challenges which go along with camp season. And when you nail that perfect summer camp cheer routine, it can help energize the squad even for the entire season!