It is that time of year again! As summer rolls around many athletes are taking some much-needed time off for rest and relaxation. But not cheerleaders. Summer for cheerleading means camps and choreography. Summer practices can be brutal, and nothing makes those stunt and tumbling sequences harder than trying to yell out the 8 counts while you are executing elite skills.

Luckily, New Level Music, the company that manages, has put out a brand-spanking new 8 count track for summer 2022. Some of the best cheerleading music producers in the country put together 8-count cheer music that is truly cutting edge, using some of the hottest vocals and sickest beats in the industry.

Just a few of the collaborators who helped to create this epic cheer music mix are Patrick, aka Cheer Music Pro, Cheer Freqs, Royal Custom Music, Cheer Music Addiction, Blake from Prime8 Sound, JG Mix, Bowd from Beats, and Eric, aka Global Mix. These amazing artists worked together to create an innovative take on 8-count music to help keep you and your squad motivated during those tough summer practices and grueling choreography sessions.

You can find this hot new track on YouTube and SoundCloud:




Don’t forget to download New Level Music’s latest 8-count music to play in the background while you film and make your 8-count sheets. Their flawless mix will help your team create a perfect routine this year! Once you have your 8-count sheets completed, consider for your budget-friendly cheerleading music needs. Our amazing collection of epic cheer tracks will give you legal, compelling music at a fraction of the cost of custom music.