Map your cheer routine to your premade mix

In cheerleading, most of the teams perform to custom 8 count music. This has become something of a debate for choreographers. Do you order the music first, and choreograph the routine to the music? Or, do you make the routine first, and then get custom music made? Having custom music made can often be cost-prohibitive and taxing on coaches. However, there are now some new options that are quite affordable and make having custom music widely accessible, even if your team does not have a big budget.

If you were thinking about making your own routine, it is important to think about the structure of your cheerleading mix, and how that will reflect what you are doing in your routine. There are several key elements that you need to think about when you are making cheerleading music. Not every routine has all these elements, but these are the most common elements that we see in cheerleading routines. Thinking about these as you structure your music and your routine will help you have the best performance ever!

1. Opening

Typically, an opening of a cheerleading routine is filled with dynamic skills and high-level energy. Think of show-and-go’s, flyovers, or other skills which may not be technically difficult, but include a lot of energy and movement in them. Complex formations and transitions help to draw the eye: the opening is all about showmanship.

2. Standing tumbling

You and your teammates have worked really hard to develop your tumbling skills. Whether you are throwing back handsprings, tucks, or even two-to-fulls, you want to be able to showcase these skills early in the routine. This allows you to do it before you get too tired and potentially mess up and get deductions.

3. Stunts

Stunts are an important element in every cheerleading routine. You want to have energetic music which really highlights each individual movement. It does not matter whether it is an extension, a tic-tok, a switch up, or the most amazing full arounds. Each one of these skills deserves music that is unique and highlights their difficulty.

4. Cheer

Depending on the sort of competition you are participating in, a cheer may or may not be an element in the actual routine. Sometimes the cheer is before the routine and is considered a separate section. Regardless, you will want music which helps everyone stay on the same tempo while they perform. Nothing is worse than having people cheer at different times.

5. Jumps

Showing off your amazing jumps takes special consideration in the music you are using. Jump tempo is something that has very little flexibility. You can only jump at a certain speed, and you shouldn’t have faster music than your team can jump! So finding the perfect tempo and sound effects that match how your team hits the highest points will really create the best cheer mix for your routine.

6. Running tumbling

You and your squad spent a lot of time in the gym working on that running tumbling. It’s time to show it off. The tumbling section should have high-energy music allowing for the best cross tumbling with the most amazing skills at the end, having music and sound effects which really reflect the skills being executed will take that to another level.

7. Pyramid

The pyramid is often one of the most complicated portions of the routine to get the music just right. There are a lot of moving parts in pyramids, with series of interlocking stunts moving between each other and seamless transitions from one skill to the other the music must be just right. Really thinking and mapping out the pyramid before you pick your music is often helpful. However, if you’re using a premade mix, strongly consider the sort of musicality you’re looking for and how it will impact the pyramid overall.

8. Dance

No cheerleading routine is complete without a dance. You and your team have got those amazing dance moves that you have spent the whole summer mastering and you’re ready to show them off. However, having that high-energy eight count mix that really highlights each individual movement is critical to maxing your score with the judges and impressing the fans.

There are a lot of elements in a cheerleading routine so mapping the skills out to your cheer music will help make your routine score the best. Consider your friends at CheerleadingMix and NewLevelMusic as a potential solution for your music needs. Once you’ve gotten that amazing routine mapped out with all the skills and abilities of you and your squad, you’re going to put on the most electric performance ever.