Does cheer music affect your score?

Cheerleading music is one of the main elements to putting together a quality competition routine, and there are a lot of options for cheerleading music out there right now. Which brings up the question: what difference does cheerleading music really make? Can the music make a difference in your score? The answer is YES. Here are some considerations when choosing your cheerleading mix for the year.

Seamless Music Streamlines Your Transitions

You and your squad work really hard on making clean transitions between each of the elements in your cheerleading routine. If your music is jerky or has weird transitions from one section to another, then the smoothness you and your squad are showing off will still seem abrupt and uneven. Having seamless music in your routine makes it easier for your squad to have extreme transitions between skills.

Sound Effects Highlight Critical Elements

The athletes on your team spend countless hours perfecting their tumbling skills and working on those stunts. Your pyramid literally took your team a month to master. However, some of these key moments might be lost if you do not have music that highlights the critical elements in these routines. More importantly, having the right sound effect at the right time can really take your routine from an 8 to a 10. Picking music with high-quality, well-produced sound effects that align with the skills your team executes will make a significant impact on how your team is scored.

Musicality Enhances Your Routine’s “Story”

Every cheerleading routine tells a story. Sometimes that story is raw and powerful with strong skills and very clean transitions. Sometimes it is more fluid and musical. Selecting the epic cheer music mix which reflects the story you are trying to tell is critical: if you cannot tell the story with the music, you won’t be able to tell your story with the routine.

Custom Lyrics Motivate Your Team

Over the course of the cheerleading season, you and your team are going to develop all sorts of personal mantras that motivate and inspire your squad to do better. Incorporating those personal elements into your music will make you feel the music in a way that you wouldn’t if you didn’t have those sorts of elements in them. Selecting a high-quality cheerleading mix which has customized voiceovers including key elements from you and your squad will help the athletes on your team stay motivated throughout the performance. Personal music makes personal performances.

Ultimately, it is the difficulty of the skills which you exhibit and how cleanly you execute them which decide your score. While there are a lot of other more subtle elements which can also make a significant difference, none of them are more important than your cheer music mix. Think about what you and your squad have done to make this season the best one ever. How would that season feel if you knew you had subpar music pumping behind you while you threw those fulls? Taking elements from your routine into consideration while you are picking out the cheerleading music that you are going to use this season will make a big difference not only in the way it looks on the floor but even how it feels in practice.